- Plans & Stuff -
Listed below are current items that can be purchased from Sublime Boatworks.
Payment for items is by check, money order, or cash.  Orders can be placed by mail addressed to:
 Thom McLaughlin, 317 Falls Bridge Road, Blue Hill, Maine 04614
or email to thom@sublimeboatworks.com    - Study Plans - 
Intended for thoughtful consideration of building potential and exploration.  Includes 11”X17” lines drawing of either Naskeag or Peony, descriptive elaboration of general construction qualities and requirements, and design source images or articles.  Does not include designer’s permission to build.  

Study Plans for either Naskeag or Peony - $20
Study Plans for both Naskeag and Peony - $30
Refund if Building Plans are purchased later - $15

   - Building Plans - 
Full size and detailed lines drawing of Naskeag or Peony.  Typically plans for pond boats contained minimal information.  These plans contain a tremendous amount of detail to assist the building process.  Includes 30”X55” lines drawing, station mold patterns reduced for 1/8” planking and printed on card stock, and copies of appropriate templates.  Purchase of the building plans gives the purchaser the designer’s permission to build.

Building Plans for either Naskeag or Peony - $125

   - Mast & Booms - 
This may strike a note of controversy, but all to often we forget that racing pond boats are not just scaled down models.  Instead they are specific to a task and environment.  I have found that laminated pine masts are stronger and lighter than the assumed preference for spruce (as in full size boats.)  The standard mast and boom stock being offered is minimally finished and assumed that the purchaser will do such in their own preference.  The hollow and elliptical mast stock is custom made for each customer, as well as the booms.

Standard mast and boom stock - $75
Custom hollow and elliptical mast plus booms - $150

  - Prints of Drawings -
Signed print of a Lines Drawing Building Plan of Naskeag or Peony suitable for framing and display.  Compliment your boat with a print as background to your work, or just admire the print as an object of your desire!  Two sizes are available on two different types of 100% cotton rag paper. Both types of print are signed by the designer.

11”X17” print on drafting vellum (the type of paper used for the master drawing) - $40
13”X19” print on heavy weight mold made Fine Art paper - $50

   - Custom Fabrication of a Vintage Racing Pond Boat - 
Contact me to discuss your desires whether it be for me to build for you from plans of a previously designed boat, building a Naskeag or Peony, or custom designing and building a new vintage racing pond boat.  This is not a casual project, as we in essence are discussing building a small but complex and intricate racing sailboat.